Program launch checklist

Here's the list of things we recommend doing before launching your first affiliate program:

1. Set up your Program

GrowthHero allows you to run multiple affiliate programs with unique sets of rules and features. While creating a program, you determine what kind of reward your partner will be receiving, choose the form of payouts, decide on enabling MLM, and many, many more. Here you can read more about programs.

2. Choose your commission calculation strategy

There are four different ways we can calculate your partners'  commission, check this page for more details.

3. Set up your program terms.

Make sure your partners know what they are signing up for. To set up program terms, visit this page.

4. Customize Email Templates

We send out fully customizable emails on a variety of occasions. Read the Email Templates article to learn about when a particular email is sent and how to customize them. 

5. Prepare your pages

Make sure your Partner Portal, sign-up, and login pages are all customized and ready when your partners start joining your program. Our Theme Configurator tool allows you to adjust every aspect of these pages so that they meet your and your affiliates' expectations.

6. Choose your payment method

We support three different ways to pay out your affiliates. You can use PayPal, allow your partners to create discount codes to your business, or pay your partners manually and make them as paid outside of the app.
Check this article for more details.

7. Integrations

You can integrate your app with other platforms to improve your experience and optimize certain processes. For example, you can integrate your app with PayPal Payouts API to generate mass payments to multiple affiliates at once, or connect GrowthHero with either SendGrid or Mandrill to send emails from your own domain. If you're using a different platform and want it integrated with GrowthHero, contact our support team, and we'll do our best to help you out.

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