PayPal Payouts

PayPal Payouts allow you to create mass payments for your partners within a matter of seconds. The set-up process takes a few steps that we are happy to guide you through. Before we start, have in mind that the integration process requires that you have a PayPal business account. Click here if you want to learn more. Additionally, please note that due to security reasons, PayPal Payouts are not automatic, meaning you will need to generate payouts manually.

Check out our video tutorial, or keep reading our article for an in-depth description of setting up PayPal integration:

Step 1: Visit the PayPal Developer Website and log into the Dashboard

To log in, use your PayPal account email address and password.

Step 2: Enable Payouts

Hover mouse over your name in the top right corner and click My Account on the left bar menu, scroll down to the Permissions section, and enable Payouts for Live version of the app. If there is an Enable link instead, you need to click it and provide the information PayPal requires to enable it. Even though the process may take a few days, you can still proceed with the rest of the guide while PayPal is processing your information.

Step 3: Create your app

Head to Apps & Credentials, switch from Sandbox to Live, and click Create App.

We suggest you name your app "GrowthHero". Choose a Merchant app type.

Step 4: Uncheck everything except Payouts in Live App Settings

We don't require access to any other features for the app to run correctly. App feature options will be accessible once you create your app.

Step 5: Integrate with GrowthHero

To begin the integration process, go here. The forms you'll need to fill will look like this.

To find your Paypal Client ID and PayPal Client Secret go here, switch from Sandbox to Live and click on your app.

You will find both values in Live API Credentials.

Copy and paste both values into the dedicated forms, and create a strong payment password. The password is needed to encrypt your credentials, as GrowthHero does not have access to your money. Every access to your PayPal Payouts API will require a payment password to make your payouts as safe as we can. Once you finish, check the box next to Enabled, and press Update.

Congratulations! You've successfully integrated your PayPal Payouts API with GrowthHero.

Step 6: Generate Mass Payment

To pay all your affiliates' commission at once, go here, and click Generate Mass Payment.

It will bring you to the next page when you need to enter your Payment Password. After you do it, press Pay Now.

Well done! You've just paid out commissions to all of your partners within two minutes!

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