Programs help to organize your affiliates. For example, you can create a program focused on an affiliate program. To find out more about different types of programs, go here. 

Check out our video tutorial, or keep reading our article for an in-depth description of program settings:

New Program

To add a program, find and click a button in the top right corner.

While creating a program, please have in mind that it will likely be used for more than one person. A new tab will open, showing a lot of options, but we suggest patiently walking through them and spending more time setting the character of your program.

Required Fields

Here, you will set the value of  commission and reward for customers and the name of a program. We suggest naming programs after their purpose (example below). You will also need to specify the type of program you'd like to create.

Partner Payouts

In this section, you specify how you'll be paying your affiliates.

Discount Code Tracking

These options enable:

  • Creation of random discount codes for the affiliates' customers

  • Specifying these codes by you, while adding a new partner, or the partners themselves during sign up

  •  Changing the code by the partners themselves in their account settings.

Additional options

  • Cookie days
    You can set up for how many days you want your partner to get commissions from the customer's sales if you selected this option in the Required fields section: Counting will start when the customer clicks the partner's referral link.
    You can also use this option to keep an sale referred if the customer who clicked a referral link decides to leave your business and come back later to make the sale.
  • Minimum sale total price
    You can set a minimum total value that the sale needs to have for your partner to get a commission from it.
  • Promote as Marketplace Listing
    Available only for Affiliate type programs. Allows you to opt-in to a public listing of your programs.
  • Private (invite-only)
    This option will disable the program's registration page. You will have to add your partners manually to it.
  • Auto-approve partners
    If you enable this option then anyone who registers via your Registration Page will automatically become your active partner and will have access to all the partners' options.
  • Allow generating referral links
    This option will allow your partners to create referral links that will lead to a specific page eg. a product or collection.
  • Display QR code for referral links
    It is a mobile-focused option that enables a QR code for referral links. (a view from partner's account shown below)
  • Auto-generate short links for partners
    Your partners' main referral links will automatically have a shorter, better-looking form and will be more convenient to share with customers.
  • Show only discount codes for partners
    Referral links will be hidden from partners and they will be able to see and share only their codes.
  • Allow creating partner page
    This setting has to be enabled for the Partner Pages to work properly. You can enable Partner Pages for particular programs.
  • Show partner modal
    You can enable Partner Modal for particular programs.
  • Captcha Required
    Adds Captcha verification to the registration form, preventing bots from signing up.

Sales visibility

You can hide sales' and customers' private data from partners. 

Custom slug and redirect

A custom registration link can be set below, as well as the page your partners will get redirected to after submitting their application.

Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing is an option that allows your partners to  invite others into the  affiliate program, creating an organized network of your partners.

Additional Fields

Additional Fields can be found at the very bottom of the program creator. It allows you to  collect some  more information about your partners. For example, you would like to know a partner's Youtube channel name; all you need to do is  add that rubric.

Assigning a new partner to that particular program will create a possibility to write down  that information in their creating/editing form.

Furthermore, if you haven't disabled an option of registration for that program, the new rubric will show on the registration page as well.


A registration link to a specific program can be found by entering a created program from the list of programs.

Well done! Now you know everything about setting up a program. You can now assign your partner to a new program. To learn more about creating a new partner, go here.

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