Email Templates

GrowthHero offers ten different Email Templates. Here is a list of them with a short description of when are they sent:

1. Affiliate Welcome - sent after signing up or approving an account in case you manually accept members.

2. Affiliate Review - sent after registration if the partner's account is waiting for approval.

3. Account Disabled - sent when a partner's application gets rejected by the store's owner.

4. Payment Notification - sent when a partner's payment is generated.

5. Rejected Conversion - sent after a referred order gets rejected by the program's owner.

6. Refunded Conversion - sent when the order was refunded by the owner.

7. Affiliate Invitation - used to invite partners to the program.

8. Bulk Email - sent to all of your partners or to all partners in a chosen group at once.

9. Order notification - sent to the partner when a new affiliated order was paid.

10. Reset password - sent to the partner after they request a password reset at the login page available for you to customize and translate. Please leave __reset_password_link__ in the template.

Test Emails

If you ever need to send a test email, you can do it with a Send Test Email button under a template's body. It would be sent to your email address.


There are multiple ways to customize every template. To open the editing tool, simply click on the email's body, and an options bar will appear. You can change its colors, text, add pictures and custom HTML blocks (highlighted below)


If you feel like you're needing more templates, contact us, and we'll get this done for you.

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