Theme Configurator

GrowthHero allows you to completely customize your pages with the Theme Configurator tool. Here's a brief overview of its tools.

Check out our video tutorial, or keep reading our article for an in-depth description of customization settings:

Opening the configurator

To do it, click the black gears icon on the right of your screen.


The first thing you notice is the color settings.

Keep in mind that changing the color applies to all pages. The Top Bar Color works for the one in the Partner Portal.

Public Pages Theme

If you enter Theme Configurator on one of your public pages like registration or login page you will find the Public Pages Theme. You can choose between:

  • Default
  • Gradient Center
  • Gradient Columns

Below you can see a Gradient Columns example:

Custom Page Texts

Another thing you can change is Page Texts.


Text editing is not global. You can have unique page texts for separate pages.

Your own content

If you're looking to add something to a page, click on the dotted zones

They indicate additional text fields, where you can add texts, pictures, links, or even HTML blocks.

Custom CSS

If you're familiar with CSS, this button allows having your own CSS rules. These changes will apply to all of your pages.


You can create different themes for different programs of users using Segments. To learn how to create Segments and how they can help you see the article here.

Congratulations! Now you know how does the Theme Configurator work.

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