How do I pay my affiliates?

To pay your partners, go to your partner section, which is here. There are a few methods you can pay them a commission. 

Please note that in some programs, a minimum payout may be set. It can be changed in program settings.

Check out our video tutorial on how to pay your affiliates via PayPal Payouts integration, or keep reading our article for an in-depth description of all payment methods:

Mass Payment

This option allows you to pay via PayPal all of your partners at once. Remember that partners without PayPal mail won't be paid. To generate a new payment press the highlighted button.

On a newly opened tab you can pay:

  •  Automatically via API. Here you can find some more about this option and setting PayPal.

  • manually via CSV. To do that, follow the highlighted instructions.

Single payments

Another option is to pay every partner separately. Do so by clicking a partner with a balance higher than 0.

Then choose a method of payment. There are 3 more ways to pay your partner:

  • via PayPal API

  • outside of the system, when you just mark it as paid outside system, for example, by cash, bank transfer, and so on.

  • discount code to your shop-partner can create a discount, which subtracts its value from their balance. (view from the partner's account) Available only for Shopify users.

Adjusting Parter's balance

In case something goes wrong you can adjust your partner's balance manually. Simply add or subtract value. You can also add a note with details about the adjustment.

Here is how it will look like from the Partner' point of view:

Good job! Now you know how to pay your partners.

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