Inviting Partners

There are several ways to invite people to your affiliate program with GrowthHero:

  • Adding Partner manually
  • One-click registration (available only on Shopify)
  • Program's Registration URL
  • Post-purchase Modal (available only on Shopify)
  • Invitation email
  • MLM Parter's registration link
  • Embedded Referral Page (available only on Shopify)
  • Affiliate Hunt
  • Marketplace

Adding Partner manually

The simplest way to add a partner we offer is by doing it manually. To do this enter the Partners section and click the New Partner button - you will be forwarded to this page where you will be able to type in all the partner's data. 

One-click registration

If you are planning on having a bigger amount of partners or want your visitors to join our program and you would like them to register themselves you can use One-click registration. The partners who register using the One-click registration will, by default, be assigned to your Default Program. To use the One-click registration feature you have to enable it in the Post-Purchase Modal Settings and link it on your website. See our detailed guide on how to create a link using One-click registration here.

Please make sure all your options in the program's settings are set up according to your plan before you share the link. You can find more details about the program's settings here. Mind that your visitors will be able to sign up immediately after you publish the link.

Program's Registration URL

If you want to invite people to a particular program you can use the Registration URL which you will find in the program's details. You can eg. send this link to your current employees if you are using GrowthHero to manage your salesmen, or link it on your website instead of the default One-click registration link.

Please make sure all your options in the program's settings are set up according to your plan before you share the link. You can find more details about the program's settings here. Mind that the registration page will be active immediately after you publish the link.

Post-purchase Modal

This tool is perfect if you want to invite your customers to become your affiliates. It is said that a satisfied customer can be the best affiliate! Post-purchase Modal is a pop-up that your customers will see on the sale thank you page after they complete a purchase at your business. See our guide on how to set up the Post-purchase Modal here.

Please mind that this feature will automatically go live immediately after enabling it.

Invitation email

Another easy way to invite someone to become your affiliates is to send them an email with an invitation. You will find the Invite partners button in the Partners section. 

From there you will be able to enter the email address to which you want to send the invitation and the program to which you want to invite them. You will also be able to go to the email's customization page. Mind that the email template needs to use the __registration_link__ variable to send the invitation to the specified program.

MLM Parter's registration link

If you are using the Multi-Level Marketing tool you can enable it either for all your partners in a given program or for particular partners (see how to do it here). Later, you can set up an MLM registration link for the partner in their settings:

Your partner will see this link on their Dashboard under Your Partner Registration Link. A partner can send this link to people who they want to invite to your affiliate program. If a person registers using this link then the partner will get the commissions set up in MLM settings from the sales the registered person refers.

Why do people keep signing up?

You may find people signing up before your planned affiliate program launch. If this happens, please check all the above options and make sure none of them is available to your partners, customers, or visitors yet. 

If you would like to make sure that no one who signs up becomes your active partner automatically you can turn off the Auto-approve partners option in the program's settings. That way anyone who signs up for the given program will have their account set as pending until you manually activate them. While they are pending they will not have access to referral links, codes, or any data that active partners see.

If you would like to disable the registration page for a program you can choose the Private (invite-only) option in the program's settings. That way if you would like to add a partner you would have to create one manually with the Add partner button in the Partners section. If anyone happens to access the program's registration link while the Private option is on they will be forwarded to the login page and will get a proper pop-up message.

If you have a partner who is already active and you would like to deactivate their account you can do so in their settings:

Now you know how to expand your affiliate program. Please feel free to contact us if you encounter any issues regarding adding or inviting partners.

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