How to set up my first partner?

To set up your first affiliate manually, you need to begin by creating a new  program, unless you already have one. For other ways of inviting partners into your program, please refer to Inviting Partners article.

Step 1: Partner section

Enter the Partners & Payouts section in the left bar.

Step 2: Adding a new partner

You need to click the New Partner button.

It will provide you with forms to fill with some of your partner's details.

Required fields

In this rubric, you will input your partner's basic info: name, mail, etc.

Make sure to assign your partner to a program.

Paypal settings

Insert their PayPal mail for easy payouts.

Link Shortener

To shorten their Partner Link, use Link Shortener. With that, you can set up a custom referral link for your partner.

Discount Code

The Discount code will be set automatically, only if the correct option is turned on in the  selected program. Otherwise, you will need to add a new custom code yourself. The value of a discount can be set by  editing a program assigned to your partner.

Partner Tag Matching

It is used for assigning a customer to your partner so that every order made by a tagged customer could grant your partner a commission. You can also create a custom tag name.

Multi-level Marketing

These options will give your partner the possibility to  invite others to your affiliate program. To successfully turn on this feature make sure that it is enabled in the Multi-level Marketing section in the left bar menu.

Additional fields

If you want to save some  extra info about your partner, for example, their Youtube channel's name. You can add and customize  additional fields in the selected  program settings.
After saving your partner, remember to  activate an account if the auto-approval option in your program is turned off . You can always change that in a program section.

Congratulations! You've just created your first affiliate!

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