Post-Purchase Modal

GrowthHero provides you with the ability to let your customer register as one of your partners.


To do that, go here. Then, open Post-Purchase Modal settings.

One-click registration and Post-purchase modal options have to be checked in order to create a pop-up that will appear in the thank you page after placing an order. Once you click on the modal, the customization tool will open.

Modal Customization

This tab allows you to defy how your popup will look like. To change its look simply click on it and start editing.

Everyone that clicks the popup button will be moved to a registration page unless they are using a Shopify account while ordering. If so they will be automatically added as your partner without registration. Below, we show you the presentation of a customer's point of view.

Notice, that every new partner added with that function will be assigned to your default group. You can reassign them later by editing the newly added partner's settings.

One-click registration link

Under the modal, you'll find the one-click registration link

You can, for example, add it to your's page footer or customer profile page. Clicking it has the same effect as clicking the modal.

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