Embedded Referral Page

The Embedded Referral Page is available on the following platforms:

The Embedded Referral Page is a simple way to invite your customers to become your affiliates with just their email address. Customers who become your affiliates this way will be automatically added to your Default Program. They and their customers will get the rewards according to the default program's settings.  Depending on your Auto-approve partners setting the new partner will be either automatically activated or will be set as pending until you manually activate their account. The rewards will be assigned to the new partner's account even if the account is set as pending, so your new partner will be able to collect their rewards immediately. As it is with all of the partners, the account has to be activated in order to make payouts.

Setting up

The Embedded Referral Page is not open to the public yet, so if you would like to use it please contact us and we will enable it for you.

To set up the Embedded Referral Page go to the setting  here and click the Open referral portal button:

You will be forwarded to your Embedded Referral Page which you will be able to customize with the Theme Configurator. Make sure to inform your customers of the current rules and settings you have in your Default Program.

When your customer enters their email address and clicks the Start sharing button, they will immediately get their own referral link which they can share with their friends.

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