Partner Page

The Partner Page is available on the following platforms:

A partner can share a link to their Partner Page where they can upload their photo, name, bio, and referral link. You choose one design for all your partners but each of your partners can enter their own data via their Partner Portal. 

Setting up

Setting up the Partner Page takes two steps. First, customize your design and layout here.

To create your Partner Page you can use variables. Each of your partners that will have the Partner Page enabled will be able to enter their own data via their Partner Portal. You can use variables such as:

  • __partner_name__ - a name entered by your partner,
  • __partner_bio__ - a short bio or description that your partner can enter,
  • __partner_picture__.png - a picture that your partner uploads, this variable is set up by default on the exemplary picture,
  • __partner_referral_link__ - your partner's main referral link, substituted automatically.

Now, you can enable the Partner Page for each program. To do this, enter your program's settings and check the Allow creating partner page option in the Additional options section:

Partner's customization

Once you turn on the Allow creating partner page option in the program's settings, our partners will be able to customize their page by clicking the My Page position in the left-hand side menu in their Partner Portal:

Your Partners will also see a new link on their Dashboard, which they can share with their customers:

Final look

This is how your Partner Page can look like on your website. The Get Started button will, by default, lead to your home page and the sales made using this link will be referred in the same way as using the main referral link.

Great! Now you know how to set up your Partner Page!

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