The Segments module is available on the following platforms:

Segments used with the Analytics tool allow you to control and analyze the traffic in your shop. Their use doesn't end here. They can be used while creating experiments and in theme configurator to personalize some pages even more. To create a new segment go here. In a new tab, you can see the list of your segments. We provide you with default segments, so you can monitor platforms used by customers.

Creating a segment

To create a segment click New Segment Button.

You need to fill-up the form in a new tab. Insert the name of the segment and create a condition.


To create a condition simply drag any of the available conditions on the right into the conditions zone and fill new rubrics.

You can create much more complicated and specified segments by adding more conditions with logic options and/or.

Optional Fields

The last things to fill, are optional fields. Here you can add a description and set the priority.


When a device or a customer meets conditions in two (or more) different segments. Our app will assign that situation to one segment based on a higher priority.

Congratulations! You have learned how to create and use segments.

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