The experiments module is available on the following platforms:

Experiments help you recognize customers’ preferences for the direction of a referral link. Here’s an example use of experiments

How to use experiments

Let's say you want to compare two lists of products prepared for the summer sale. You need to create two different collections in Shopify and assign different products to them.

Next, go back to our app and create a smart link (referral link) that will redirect to our collection. It doesn't matter which one as you'll adjust that later.

Now it's time to create experiments. You can do it from here by clicking the New Experiment button.

Fill up the form, making sure to set a correct smart link. Optionally, you can add a description and choose the segment that will be taking part in the experiment.

Next, add two or more redirections to find out which one is the most accurate to customers' demands. To add a new redirection, click Add version. The percentage here means how much traffic from the smart link (referral link) will be redirected to that page.


Notice that in the link destination you type down only the direction of a page in your shop. (text after '.com') Keep in mind that you have to start the experiment manually by clicking this button.

After saving the experiment, you can start and check its progress.

As you can see, version b makes more money, so this should be the direction of the referral link

Now you can stop the experiment by clicking the red Stop Experiment button and change the destination of the smart link used in this experiment on version b. From now on everyone using this referral link will be redirected to the Summer Sale b collection.

Good job! Now you know how to create and conduct the experiments.

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