Subscription Tracking

Create Subscriptions (and verify the pre-existing ones) within GrowthHero with either of the following methods:

  • Stripe (Main Platform only)
  • Zapier (Main Platform, Shopify, BigCommere)
  • API (Main Platform, Shopify, BigCommere)

Tracking Subscriptions with Stripe

If you're a  Main Platform user and have connected your GrowthHero app with Stripe, good news! Stripe integration automatically handles recurring charges so you don't need any additional setup to have your subscriptions tracked in GrowthHero.

Tracking Subscriptions with Zapier 

To track your Subscriptions via Zapier, you'll need to integrate GrowthHero. Here's a detailed tutorial on integrating with Zapier: Zapier Integration Tutorial

Once you do that, you'll be able to check for new subscriptions and create new ones with a few clicks. 

To add new referred subscriptions you'll need to use the Create Subscription action that will send the information to our API and add a new subscription with the provided details.  To do that, go here, select the trigger that will send us the required data, and in the "Action" step, use GrowthHero's Create Subscription. Here's an example of how it should look like:

You can also have Zapier detect and act whenever there is a new subscription created in GrowthHero. Once that happens, we'll send you all the necessary data that you can use as you wish. To do that, create another Zap and use GrowthHero's New Subscription trigger and pair it with another third-party app of your choice! Here's an example use:

Tracking Subscriptions via API

If you don't want to use Zapier, you can still create new subscriptions and check your existing ones directly with our API. For that, you'll need your API Key which can be found here

Once that's taken care of, all you need to do is follow our API documentation to ensure that your subscriptions are tracked correctly.

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