Zapier is a tool that lets you integrate your GrowthHero app with Gmail, Google Documents, text messages, and many other apps provided by Zapier. Zapier integration is not open to the public yet in GrowthHero, however, feel free to contact us if you would like to use it and we will provide you with the necessary data.

Zapier allows the following triggers:

  • New order
  • New Partner 
  • New Program 
  • New Payout
  • Partner Approved
  • Partner Rejected
  • Partner Removed
  • Partner Details Updated
  • Program Updated

and action events: 

  • Create Partner
  • Approve Partner
  • Reject Partner
  • Update Partner Details
  • Create New Program
  • Update a Program
  • Create Order

Integrating Zapier with GrowthHero

Before you will be able to automize your events you need to integrate Zapier with GrowthHero. In order to do this enter My Apps section:

here you will find a search box, look for there:

You will be redirected to API Key verification. You will find your API key HERE

Once you got your API Key verified, you will see in the  My Apps sections:

Create your first Zap

Let's make your first Zap! Find the MAKE A ZAP button in the top left corner of the site:

Now choose a name for your Zap and choose the app in 1. Trigger section:

Now choose the action that will activate the Zap in the Event box:

As Zapier allows you to integrate multiple accounts, now you need to choose your GrowthHero account for which you want the Zap to work:

Click the Continue button. You will be now able to test the trigger

Go back to your GrowthHero account and create a real or a test event that you have selected for your Zap.

Then return to your Zapier and click Test trigger to see if the trigger is set up correctly:

If everything went well, you should see a notification similar to the one in the picture below:

Click Continue at the bottom of the site and you will be forwarded to the Action section where you can choose an app that you want to integrate. We selected Gmail to show you an example. Once you have the app selected, you should select an option of your choice in the Event box:

Now it's time to select an account that you want to use for the second part of your integration. You will be, most probably, asked to sign in or provide other required data:

Zapier allows you to customize your events, so make sure you see all options that are available for your customization:

After you customize your Zap you will be able to  test it again. This step is possible to skip, however, we would recommend doing the test. After the test is done (or skipped) you will be brought to the page as shown below. Now you can Turn on Zap or reset action if you are not happy with your settings.

Check twice

Once your Zap is ready you should receive the proper notification that was set up in the This happens... part of the Zap. In our example, our partner received an email about their payout!

Now you know how to integrate and set up your Zapier!

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