PayPal most common issues

Before you begin

Some of the most common issues start at the integration stage. Please make sure you follow our PayPal integration guide while setting it up. If you have already set everything up correctly and the errors keep occurring, please see the list of the most common issues below.

Enable PayPal integration in GrowthHero

Make sure you have PayPal enabled in your settings here and that you are using the Payment Password set up during the integration process in these settings.

Program's payouts settings

Please make sure you have PayPal enabled in the GrowthHero program's settings:

Enable Payouts in PayPal

To be able to do payouts via PayPal you need to enable Payouts at If you followed our guide then you have probably already done it. It may, however, take PayPal some time to process the request. If you see the "Submitted" sign instead of "Enabled" it means that PayPal is still working on it and you will have to wait up to a couple of days until payouts get enabled. If you can still see "Enable" then you need to click it and wait up to several days for PayPal to process.

Live mode in PayPal

In order for GrowthHero to integrate properly, it needs to be set up in Live mode (not Sandbox). You can check it at

Funds on PayPal account

Please make sure you have cash available on your PayPal account. It may happen that PayPal payouts don't work in GrowthHero if your PayPal account pulls money eg. from your bank account.

Why are my payouts still not paid?

If you happened to skip a step or encountered an error while trying to payout via PayPal then it might happen that the payment was not successful. To find previous payouts and check whether they are already paid you need to enter the Partners section and click the Previous Payouts button:

It will forward you to the section where you will be able to see the payment status:

If you find any of your payouts marked as "Not paid" you can click them and you will be able to pay them via PayPal or mark them as paid manually outside the system:

Authorization error

When you first make a payout, you may encounter the following error:

The error message is pulled directly from PayPal. You need to contact PayPal support directly to enable Payouts for your PayPal account. Once they do that, you should be able to proceeed with the payout

Described above are the most common issues. If after double-checking them you still encounter troubles with PayPal payouts please feel free to contact us, we're always happy to help!

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