Setup & Getting Started

This article will show you the very first steps of using GrowthHero.

Step 1: Install GrowthHero

To start using our app with your Shopify store, simply visit our Shopify app listing, and use the Add app button to install it.

Step 2: Choose your plan

You can see all the plans we offer on our site. Note that we're offering a 14-day trial, which means you won't be charged until it expires.

Step 3: Onboarding

You'll create your default Program and determine its most important settings, eg., the commission rules, and payouts. Don't worry, you can change them all once you're done.

  • Introduce your brand

First, choose your name and URLs slug. On this page, you can also add your store's logo and choose the app's main color - we strongly disadvise using white as your main color as it may make some texts and buttons invisible.

  • Setup default offer

In GrowthHero your Partners (affiliates) are divided into Programs. Here, you can adjust settings for your Default Program of Partners.

Offer for Partners
- Partner Reward - a commission that your Partner will get from each referred order, can be either set as a percentage of the order's value or as a set value per order, all commissions will go to your Partner's Balance.
- Customer Reward - a discount that a customer will get for their first order with the Partner (if they use the Partner's Referral Link or unique Code for the first time).

Payout settings
- Discount Code - enables Partners to generate a discount code for their own use at your store, the code's value will be taken off their Balance.
- PayPal - enables you to make PayPal payouts for the Program. Please see our PayPal guide here for more details.

  • Integration with store

Here, you can turn on features, such as:
- Partner page - creates a page for each of your partners. In your settings, you will be able to adjust the template, and your partners will be able to enter their details like bio, name, and picture to their pages. See more here.
- One-click Registration - if your visitor is logged in then they will be immediately forwarded to their partner panel. All your visitors that are not logged in will be forwarded to your registration page. See more here.
- Post-purchase modal - a pop-up encouraging your customers to become your affiliates, shows up after an order is placed and it can be customized. See more here

  • Summary

See our suggestions for your next steps with GrowthHero.

Step 4: TO-DO list

Once you're done with the onboarding, we recommend you to see our TODO list which will lead you through our most commonly used features.

Step 5: Knowledge Base

This is your biggest source of information. Here, you can browse through over 40 posts related which will lead you through the app's basics, setting your affiliate program, and customizing the tools to match your business's image. You will also find descriptions of our optimization tools, details of how orders and payments work, and guides about the integrations we provide. Great job! You've made your first steps with GrowthHero. Now, check the Related Articles, for more in-depth information on any topic. We especially recommend taking a look at the program launch checklist.

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