A campaign is a great marketing tool that allows you to reward your affiliates for an extra effort they make to promote your business. Whenever a partner submits their application or they meet the campaign's goal, you will be able to manually decide whether you want to approve or reject the reward for each partner. 

GrowthHero provides three campaign types for you to choose:

  • Submissions (eg. write a blog post and earn $10),
  • Orders (eg. refer 5 orders and earn $20),
  • Sales (eg. generate $500 in referred orders and earn $20).

You can also choose one of the two offer types:

  • Money bonus when submission approved / Money bonus when goal met
  • Manual reward

Creating a Campaign

You can find the Campaigns section in the left-hand side menu in your GrowthHero admin app or here. To create a new Campaign find the New campaign button in the top right corner.

Create a Title and Description for your Campaign, select the Campaign type and Offer type. If you chose the Money bonus when submission approved or the Money bonus when goal met offer type, select Money bonus too. 

In the Additional fields, you can select a group for which you want the campaign to be exclusive. If you want to run a campaign for all of your partners you can leave this field empty.

Once you save the campaign it will be created as a draft. In order to make it visible for your partners, you need to click the Start campaign button.

Submission campaign type

Submission campaign type requires your partners to manually submit their applications via their Partner Portal. Partners are able to add a message for you when they submit, so you can ask them to attach a link or some additional information for you to look into.

You will see all the submissions together with partners' messages in the campaign's details where you will be able to approve it or reject it.

Orders and Sales campaign types

Both in Orders and Sales campaign types in addition to choosing the campaign's title, description and offer type, you also need to enter Orders goal or Sales goal, which is the number of referred orders or the value of referred sales that your partners will need to reach. Only the orders and sales made in the time when the campaign was active will be taken into account.

With Order and Sales campaign types, you can also choose a Smart Link. When a Smart Link is chosen, only the orders referred using the Smart Link will be taken into account in the campaign. You can use it e.g. to reward only the referred orders of a particular product.

With the Orders and Sales campaign types, your partners will see a counter which will show them their progress. They will not have to submit it manually.

Once a partner reaches the campaign's goal, you will see it in your campaign's details. With Orders campaign type, below the Submissions box, you will also see all the Orders that were taken into account to reach the goal. Again, you will be able to approve or reject the reward for each partner.

Money bonus when submission approved and Money bonus when goal met

One of the two ways of rewarding your partners in setting up a money bonus. Once you approve the partner's submission the reward will be automatically added to their balance.

Manual reward

If you choose to reward your partners manually, i.e. with one of your products or outside the GrowthHero system, you will see the submission's status changed after you approve or reject it.

Ending the Campaign

Remember to end your campaign when you need it, so your partners won't see it anymore and they will not be able to submit after the campaign is over.

Fraud protection

If you want to avoid a situation in which your partners get rewards for the orders they make themselves you can use our fraud protection tool. You can read more about it here.

Great! Now you know all about Campaigns.

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