Marketing resources

Marketing resources allow you to share various content with your partners. The resources include posts on social media platforms like Twitter and Faceboo, Text messages and many more. In this section, we are going to present the whole process of creating individual marketing resources and explain every single detail to make sure you understand everything!

Starting point

To begin the process of creating a resource, you must head over to the section Marketing Resources after logging into the GrowthHero application. To create a new resource click the button New Source on the bottom right side of the page.

Creating resources

After clicking the button you will be redirected into the resource creation panel.

As you can see the panel includes two essential elements which are Name and Type. We offer multiple marketing resource types like a Facebook Post or Twitter message, banner, etc.

Creating a Facebook Post

In this rubric, choose the type of resource Facebook Post

In Post destination URL type the address you want to include in your Facebook Post for example

In Post body section you should write the information that you want to convey in your Facebook Post

You can also choose if you want the resource to be arbitrary for one of your partners. To do that simply check the Primary button. Choosing this option will display a particular resource, for example Facebook Post on your partner's dashboard. Remember, you can make only one post of a certain type as a primary!

After you fill all the rubrics with information you want to include, press the Save button

After saving the resource, you will be redirected into your finished resource panel

After checking all the details you can test how it works by clicking Post on Facebook button.

Partner portal

When you set your resources as Primary, this is what your partners see when they enter their dashboard. 

Here is the view of your partner's Marketing resources page, as you can see it includes the marketing resources that you have created. 

Optional settings

If you want to create a resource only for a specific program, you can do that by choosing it in the Programs field.
If you'd like to categorize your resources, you can do so with the Tab name field. You need to enter the name of the tab a resource should belong to, and the resources will display accordingly for your affiliates. Here's an example of a Twitter example resource being moved into the Twitter content tab.

Here's how it looks like in the Partner Dashboard:

If you'd like to display your resources in a particular order, use the Priority field. The resource with the lowest priority will display first.

Congratulations! Now you know everything about creating and using Marketing Resources in GrowthHero.

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