Are the discount codes created automatically?

Yes, for Shopify stores, once enabled, the discount code is generated upon registration. You can also attach an already existing code to a partner, and the app will track it as well so that you don't need to force your affiliates to use different codes.

Main discount code

This is the code generated in GrowthHero, it can be either random or customized. To generate a random code for a partner after they sign-up for your program, enable Generate discount codes automatically in your program's settings.

Once a partner signs up, their code will look like this:

If you want your partners to have custom discount codes, you can either change them manually or allow them to specify their discount code during registration. To manually edit a partner's main discount code, select a partner, and click the  Edit Partner button. 

In Discount Code, you'll find your partner's main discount code. To change it, simply click on it and write a new one.

To let your partners determine their codes while signing up for your, enable Allow specifying discount codes.

Doing that will add the Desired main discount code field in the partner sign-up form.

You can also allow your partners to edit their discount code in the  Account settings whenever they want.

Additional discount codes

If you're migrating from another app, and have already created Shopify discount codes for your partners, you can still use and track them with GrowthHero. To do that, use the Edit Partner button. In the Discount Code, use the Additional discount codes field to attach an already existing code to a partner. Once you do it, every purchase made with that code will count as referred by that partner.


It's possible to attach more than one additional discount code to a partner.

Good job! Now you know everything about discount codes within GrowthHero.

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