Product-specific Discount Codes in Shopify

This article will show you how to create product-specific discount codes in Shopify as well as how to bulk-upload them into GrowthHero.

Creating a discount code

To create a product-specific discount code, Start from your Shopify admin panel and go to Discounts tab

Click Create discount button, then select Product discount "Amount off products".

Enter a name for the new code, as well as discount value. Next, choose which products or collections the discount will apply to. You can also add any additional requirements such as minimum purchase amount, customer eligibility, expiration date, etc.

Lastly, save the new discount code. And that's it! Now you are ready to add the code to partner's account.

Bulk upload of product-specific discount codes

After you have created several product-specific discount codes for your partners, it's time to upload the codes.

First, create a CSV with 2 columns:

  • partner_id - you can find it by selecting a partner from the list, then check the URL. here's an example of partner id:
  • discount_code  - this is the discount code you would like to upload.

Once you finish creating a file, go to the Program the partners are in, then click Bulk Upload button

Choose the CSV you've previously created, and the codes will be uploaded instantly.

And that's it! Now you know how to bulk-upload product-specific discount codes into partners' accounts.

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