Why is the referred order not showing?

There are a few reasons why a referred sale may not be visible. The most common reasons are:

  • not having standard checkout enabled

If your business doesn't use a standard Shopify checkout, it may cause some problems with sales being processed correctly by GrowthHero. If that happens, notify us and we will see what can be done.

  • a sale has a "not paid" status

GrowthHero reacts to the sale's payment status. It has to be Paid to make an sale appear in the app. 

If you collect payments manually, you need to Capture Payment to change its status to Paid.

Once you do this, the sale will be visible here.

  • minimum sale total value has not been reached

You can set a minimum total value that the sale needs to have for your partner to get a commission from it.

That means in case the sale's value is not high enough, a referred sale will not appear in the Sales tab.

  • fraud protection module prevented an sale from being registered

Fraud protection prevents your partners from making actions like selling the products back to themselves and earning rewards from it. 

If your partner tries to use their own referral link or discount code when placing an sale, an active fraud protection module will filter it, causing it to not be visible in the system.

  • sale is still being processed, it may take up to few minutes 

Sometimes the amount of sales being processed at the same time is higher than usual, and it may take some time until GrowthHero registers the sale. If after a while the sale still hasn't appeared and the other circumstances mentioned in this article do not apply, please feel free to contact us, we're always happy to help!

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