Omnisend is an e-commerce marketing automation platform. Once you finish the integration process, you'll be able to send to your Partners customized product campaigns through email to increase their engagement. Click here to learn how to integrate Omnisend with your Shopify account.

To integrate Omnisend with GrowthHero, first, you will need to provide relevant data. For integration, you will need Omnisend Private API Key.

Finding Omnisend Private API Key

First, log in to your Omnisend account. Then click your profile in the top right corner and choose Store settings

Then, click Integrations & API and choose the API Keys option.

You will be redirected to your account's API Keys site. Click a button to Create API Key, then set up custom permissions for this API Key, and check all the boxes.

Now the API Key will be displayed in the API Keys section.

Finalizing Integration

Go here and paste your Omnisend Private API Key in the dedicated form. Once you finish, check the box next to Enabled, click update, and voilà! You've successfully integrated Omnisend with GrowthHero!

Now all of your Partner's data will be displayed under Audience tab with the growthhero tag.

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