How can I tag affiliate orders?

Affiliate order tagging is available on the following platforms:

By default, the tags that we use to match an order with a partner have a form of GH Partner: __partner_name__ and GH Commission: __order_commission__. Thanks to tags you can eg. easily filter the orders in Shopify, see to which partner the order was referred, or easily see the discount code which was used:

If you need the tags to have a different form from what is set up by default then you can customize them in your app.

Order tagging settings

To change the way in which your tags are created go to your General Settings and find the Order tagging section at the bottom. Please make sure to enable order tagging and to separate the tags with a comma. Additionally, you can use variables such as:

  • __partner_name__ which will be replaced with a name of the partner to whom the order was linked,
  • __order_commission__ which will be replaced with a value of the partner's commission for that order,
  • __order_discount_code__ which will be replaced with a discount code that was applied at the

Please remember that any changes will work only for the orders made after the change.

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