How to cancel the app?

Before you leave

If you happened to have any trouble concerning or you need any help please make sure to contact us first before you decide to cancel the app. We are always happy to help you and meet your expectations!

Canceling the app for Shopify

If you decided to leave us and want to uninstall the app and cancel your subscription go to your Shopify panel and select Apps on the left-hand side menu:

Then, select Apps and sales channels

In the Apps section find the app you want to cancel and click Uninstall on the right of the app's name:

After clicking Delete the window will pop up asking you to confirm your choice. You can also select the reason for deleting which we recommend doing as it helps us develop our app further and learn more about our customers' needs!

To learn more about how your fees are canceled once you delete the app from Shopify check the article on Subscriptions in App Charges on Shopify.

Deleting files

Once you delete the app you don't need the app's files anymore. 

You can delete them in Themes section in your Shopify panel:

Search for page.growthhero_ files in search box in the top left corner:

Open each of the files on the left and click Delete file:

Canceling the app for BigCommerce

To uninstall an app, go to Apps › My Apps and click Uninstall. The app will be removed from the My Apps section and the Apps bar in your control panel. You need to be signed in as the store owner in order to uninstall an app.

Canceling the app for Main Platform

If you decided to leave us and want to uninstall the app and cancel your subscription go to Settings in GrowthHero and select Pricing Plans. Then, click Deactivate button. This will cancel your subscription.

We are very sorry to hear you're leaving! Please let us know how we can help you or how we can improve the app to meet your needs.

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