The Orders section includes orders which have been referred. Only the paid and properly referred orders will be automatically forwarded from your Shopify to GrowthHero. To enter the section, click on the Orders button.

Entering Orders

After you enter the section, you will see the list of orders made in your shop. 

You can see if the order was made using a discount code of one of your partners. In this case, the customer was referred by Josh Little. 

On the right side of the order, you can see some numbers. The numbers on the bottom stand for total order price, so how much was the order, in this case, 44.1 USD

The numbers above 2.21 USD stand for the total partner commission. It is the amount of money that your partner earned from that order. 

Order's commission

To get into more detail click on the particular order. 

After you click on the order, you will be redirected into a more detailed orders panel. On the right side, you can see the Total Partner Commission and Commission From Order

The Order Commission has been automatically approved because of the program setting which you can always change in the Programs section

 However, you can always reject or approve the commission.

By doing that you take the commission off the partner's balance. 

The balance after rejecting the order commission.

After rejecting the order commission you get the information that the partner commission has been rejected. However, you can always revert the process by clicking the Approve Order Commission button. 

The balance after approving the commission.

Order's details

The left side of the order's panel consists of the details such as the name of the partner affiliated with the order, the program that he belongs to, and also the Shopify ID link that redirects you straight to the Order's page on Shopify. You can also see the name of the customer that bought the product, the total order price, as well as the full price of the product in the bottom rubric. 

Approving orders

You can choose whether you want the orders to be approved automatically or manually by you for each of your Programs. To set it up, you need to enter the Programs section, select a program for which you want to change the setting and find the setting as shown below. 


To create a tag you need to enter your partner's settings. There you will find the Partner Tag Matching section where you need to check the Tag matching enabled option and create a Tag name.

Once a tag is created you can use it via Shopify in one of two ways.

  • Assigning an order to a partner

If an order wasn't referred to any partner but you would like to assign it later, you can do so using partner tags.

  • Assigning a customer to partner 

You can also use tags to assign a customer to the partner. Please mind that every order from a tagged customer will be connected to the given partner.

Please find a manual on Tags provided by Shopify here.


You can export your orders from GrowthHero to a CSV file and include data like:

  • Order number (fixed)
  • Partner email
  • Total price
  • Total commission
  • Program name
  • Status
  • Customer email

How partners see the orders

Your partners can see some data of the customer who made a referred order. These data include customer's: first and last name, email address and phone number. Thanks to the Orders visibility section in the program's settings you can hide most of the customers' data from your partners. If you would like, you can also hide any information about their referred orders with the Hide orders list option.

Adding orders

Note: This feature is only available in the Shopify version of the app

You can manually attach an order to the affiliate with the Add Order button. All you need to do is enter the order number from your Shopify admin

Frequent issues

  • The orders are referred properly and paid, but I cannot pay out my affiliates.

Please check whether the Ready to Payout Balance is different than Balance below. You can see it in your partner's details as pictured below:

 If so, check your Holding period and Minimum payable amount in the settings of the program to which the partner belongs:

The holding period is a setting that prevents you from paying out for an order before a set amount of days has passed. The minimum payable amount says what is a minimum value of balance for it to become ready to payout. Please mind that changing these settings will affect only the orders made after the change. If you may find yourself in a situation where you need to make a payout for an order that has already been made before the holding period is over, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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