Groups structuring

With its numerous features and additions, GrowthHero allows you to run multiple different programs with unique commission deals and rules. Every set is represented by a Group.


If you want to run a referral program, make sure you set it up in your default group

It is necessary because  Post-Purchase Modal clicks and MLM sign-up links direct customers to the default group.

A standard reward setup for this type of program would be a flat rate per order both for the affiliate and the customer.


Unless you don't run a referral program, this would be your second group. In most cases, affiliate programs rely on a percent from order reward.

A large number of our clients decide to have partner tiers within their Affiliate Programs. That means private affiliate groups, like Affiliate Program Premium or Affiliate Program VIP, with each group offering a higher commission percentage than the previous one. GrowthHero allows you to automate the process of advancing in between them after meeting a specific requirement, e.g., referred orders count. To do that, go here, assign affiliate groups to levels they represent, and determine the level-up condition.

Good job! Now you know everything about your groups' structuring.

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