The analytics module helps you to track your affiliate program's statistics.

Check out our video tutorial, or keep reading our article for an in-depth description of analytics settings:


To open the Analytics tool, go here. It contains five subsections shown below, each with different, useful information.

Core Insights

This section describes  sales, clicks, engages, etc. with smooth line graphs.

You can choose what's displayed and how to group it, here.

We also provide you with filters to display even more specific data. Note that Smart Link and Segment filters are only available in the Shopify version of the app.


This subsection is very similar to the first one. The main difference is that it shows engage, clicks, add to cart clicks, and fulfilled sales all at once as the bar chart.


The next subsection focuses on partners, their sales, sales value, and other useful data. It displays the list of your partners with statistics attached to them. Again you can filter the data and change the period of time from which the info is selected. Another useful function is sorting. To sort the data simply click the event.

NOTE: Clicking a partner's name redirects you to their details.


The fourth subsection extends the partners subsection. It adds all about a commission, like MLM commission or refunds, for every partner.

Compare Tools

This subsection lets you compare filtered data collected from the specified period of time.


Clicking 'versions' above the graph allows you to show/hide graph bars.

Good job! Now you know how to analyze your affiliate program.

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